Each biennium, Sigma installs a new president at the international level.  At the 46th Biennial Convention, Dr. Ken Dion was introduced as the 34th president of Sigma.  Dr. Dion is of particular interest to Psi Upsilon because when we were chartered as the 546th chapter, Dr. Dion was our chartering officer.  Each biennium, the Sigma Board of Directors and the President present an organizational call to action to help guide members and chapters as we strive to fulfill our mission. The 2021-2023 call to action asks us to be bold. Specifically, we are called to challenge the status quo of operating in the silos of practice.  The 2021-2023 call accurately notes that the pandemic exposed global inequities in societies, healthcare delivery systems, and within nursing.  The changes resulting from these exposures require nursing to collaborate even beyond healthcare.  This call-to-action highlights three critical domains where nurses can influence decisions about nursing, populations, and the planet: economics, technology, and conservation.

Being bold does not have to be brash, inflammatory, or confrontational. Boldness doesn’t require us to be the loudest voice in the room – it does, however, require you to step outside your comfort zone and your silo to engage with others to influence change.  Boldness requires you to be informed with facts. It requires knowledge and leadership. And, it requires love, honor, and courage.

How will Psi Upsilon be bold in the biennium?  How will you be bold in your own practice?  Nurses are advocates, but how will you advocate for the future?  How will we work together to advocate to abolish inequities within societies, healthcare systems, and within nursing? 

I’m honored to lead the chapter in this biennium and look forward to how we can be bold together.  I would love for you to share your bold ideas in our discussion board, or at our upcoming programs.  Of course, you can always email us at: psiupsilonchapter@wgu.edu.  We look forward to seeing the boldness of our members!

Headshot of Dr. Janeen Berndt Janeen Berndt, DNP, ACNS-BC, CNE, CHSE
President, Psi Upsilon Chapter of Sigma (#546)

Psi Upsilon Member Highlight


The Psi Upsilon chapter is proud to announce the election of our chapter past-president Carole Liske to the Sigma International Board of Directors. Carole was elected to serve as Regional Chapters Coordinating Committee Chair for a second term. This is an extraordinary honor that represents Carole’s commitment to nursing excellence and Sigma Theta Tau.


We are very proud of Carole and wish her the best as she serves Sigma for the next biennium.

Join us!

Contact us at psiupsilonchapter@wgu.edu for student membership criteria specific to WGU.

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Chapter News

  • 2023 Psi Upsilon Chapter Open Board Positions

    All Psi Upsilon members are encouraged to consider serving the chapter as a member of the board. Officers and members to be elected this year include President-Elect, Treasurer, Faculty Counselor (Must be WGU Program Faculty), Leadership Succession Committee member (2-year term), and Leadership Succession Committee member (1-year term). The 2023 Psi Upsilon Chapter Intent to Serve form is open for submissions until January 30, 2023. Contact Dr. Ron Carpio, chair, Leadership Succession Committee at ron.carpio@wgu.edu with any questions.
  • October 19, 2022 Virtual Induction Recording

    Did you miss the Virtual Induction? You can view it here and congratulate over 200 new inductees and members of Psi Upsilon!
  • Congratulations to Psi Upsilon Leaders and New Members

    Congratulations to 2022-2023 Psi Upsilon Leaders

    Officers: Janeen Berndt, President; Laura Simmons, President Elect; James Jessee, Vice-President; Gina Loveitt, Secretary; Philip Tarantino, Treasurer; Christi Johnson, Faculty Counselor

    Gratitude to Officers ending their terms: Debra Abee, Vice-President; Jeanette "Roxie" Rogers, secretary

    Committee Chairs: Debra Abee, Awards and Strategic Planning; Jeanne Widener, Communications; Lisa Bryant and Shannan Crowson, Finance; Tammy Owen, Governance; Christi Johnson, Induction; Ron Carpio, Leadership Succession; Lisa Linville, Program; Henrietta Hannah, Scholarship and Research; Kristin Lemmerbrock, Service and Philanthropy.

    Welcome and Congratulation to New Members by Induction, Transfer or Multiple Chapter. Please watch your email for the time and address of the virtual orientation for members. You are also encouraged to look at the Psi Upsilon Webpage https://psiupsilon.sigmanursing.org/home